Treehouse of Horror Roundup 17-18

Just a shorty tonight, I’m afraid. Two episodes only. I needed a bit of a break from non-stop binge watching or I would wind up like Homer here.

You understand, right?

You still love me, right?

Treehouse of Horror XVII (2006)

Opener: A terrific parody of Tales from the Crypt. Fun fact: Danny Elfman wrote that theme song as well as the Simpsons theme. Danny Elfman actually wrote pretty much all of the good Halloween music. You just don’t even realize.

Stories: 1) Married to the Blob (Homer eats alien goop and then transitions quickly to cannibalism), 2) You Gotta Know When to Golem (Bart takes control of Krusty’s clay monster), and 3) The Day the Earth Looked Stupid (Depression-era Springfield freaks out over the War of the Worlds broadcast paving the way for a real alien invasion).

Favorite quote: “If I can keep down Arby’s, I can keep down you!”

Notes: Can you really parody Sir Mix-A-Lot when “Baby Got Back” is already such a jokey novelty song? Survey says: YES!

Treehouse of Horror XVIII (2007)

Opener: Marge offers some pointed commentary on the ads that air along the margins of television shows and makes no apologies for how The Simpsons frequently celebrates Halloween in November. Considering today’s date, I feel her.

Stories: 1) E.T., Go Home (Bart finds Kodos in the backyard shed), 2) Mr. & Mrs. Simpson (Homer and Marge as married assassins), and 3) Heck House (riffing on churches’ “alternative” haunted houses).

Favorite quote: “Trick or treat isn’t just some phrase you chant mindlessly like the Lord’s Prayer. It’s an oral contract.”

Notes: Spider-Pig a.k.a. Harry Plopper (of The Simpsons Movie fame) makes an appearance.


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    • Thanks! I’m glad you’re enjoying this roundup.

      I am not an experienced TV writer at all beyond noodling around a bit on my own sites like this one, and I’m not a particularly consistent blogger. But I’m hoping to get back into it even after I wrap up this Treehouse of Horror exercise. I hope you’ll stick around.

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