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Whole lotta nope

So you may have seen television spots and other media trumpeting the following assessment of Gone Girl, which opens in theaters tomorrow.

Gone Girl is "the date-night movie of the decade."

Exactly what kind of dates do you go on?

So, yeah. They claim a professional film critic labeled this “the date-night movie of the decade.” Now I have not personally read Gillian Flynn’s bestselling novel, but I’ve heard what my friends have to say about it. So my reaction was, “That can’t be right.”

So I investigate further. As it turns out the quote comes from this review by Peter Travers of Rolling Stone. And this is what he actually said:

I’m going to come out and call Gone Girl the date night movie of the decade for couples who’ve always dreamed of destroying each other.

Mystery solved! Some overzealous publicist CHOPPED OFF HALF OF THE SENTENCE and thus COMPLETELY ALTERED THE MEANING! And they are running off with it like Jamaal Charles!

Photo of Frau Farbissina

The frau knows.

Iron Man 3, finally!

No one who isn’t me cares that I procrastinated on this, but I still feel bad about waiting so long. Mainly because I missed the opportunity to join the conversation as it was happening just because I psyched myself out over my imagined need to come up with something completely fascinating to say about it. Lesson learned:  advertise sparingly. If I don’t promise to write about something, then I won’t feel bad if I decide to skip it.

Image from

Image from

So, IM3. It is completely the Iron Man I would expect from Shane Black. It has his schtick all over it.

  1. It takes place at Christmas
  2. It upends classic film tropes, including…
  3. Unconventional voice-over narration and…
  4. Hilarious one-liners from…
  5. A protagonist exorcising inner demons…
  6. As a noir-ish mystery unfolds

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Good Morning, Mark Ruffalo

I woke up early for some Sunday morning cinema and experienced two let-downs.

  1. AMC raised pre-noon ticket prices to $7.00 (Bastards.)
  2. Despite the assemblage of an undeniably kick-ass cast, Now You See Me failed to rock my world
Images in this post from IMDb

Images in this post from IMDb

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Recap: Mother’s Day Marathon

Let it be known:  My mom could probably do a much better job of producing this blog than I ever could. She is a world-champion consumer of media.* As much as I love watching stuff, I have limits. I usually don’t watch more than one movie or show in a day.  If I’m doing a “marathon session,” I might watch as many as three episodes of a television show in a row. But any more than that burns me out. But not her.

When I lived in Kansas City, I worked in a library with an outstanding video collection that included DVD boxed sets of television seasons. I would check them out for her, and she tore through them with stupefying speed. One of her favorites was 24, and at one point I swear she finished a season of that in almost real-time. Amazing.

So when she came to visit me in DC, sure, we took in some monuments and ate at some great restaurants and toured some fun neighborhoods. But we also watched a fair amount of programming. More in a few days than I would probably get through in a month on my own.

Here’s a quick rundown:
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