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Hello, Mr. King

Tomorrow night I will attend a Q&A event with Stephen King. He will perform a reading from his latest novel, Revival, and, if I’m very lucky, I will go home with a signed copy.

I’m terribly excited. In anticipation, I’ve been re-reading King’s autobiography (which is also a brilliant guide for aspiring authors), On Writing. I’ve also been thinking about my favorite movies based on his works. I’ve collected the following list. Keep in mind these are simply the titles for which I feel the greatest amount of affection, not necessarily the best examples of high-quality cinema.

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Back from hiatus

Last time on Full Stream Ahead:  You were all breathless in anticipation of my review Iron Man 3 (yeah, right!).  I did, in fact, see it opening weekend. But I decided I wanted to mull over my reaction for a bit so I would actually have something interesting to say about it. And then I got distracted by my mom’s extended visit around Mother’s Day weekend. But stay tuned because I’ll be picking up steam with some new content this week.

As an apology for being a deadbeat blogger, I offer this genuinely terrible photo from when I attended the panel promoting the original Iron Man at the 2007 San Diego Comic-Con. What can I say? The legendary Hall H doesn’t lend itself to lovely photography, but it was an amazing time. Even though at that time I knew next to nothing about the source material, I’d still rate seeing the first footage from Iron Man at the convention one of the absolute high points from my life as a fangirl.

From left to right: Jon Favreau; Terrence Howard; Gwyneth Paltrow; Robert Downey, Jr.

From left to right: Jon Favreau; Terrence Howard; Gwyneth Paltrow; Robert Downey, Jr.

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Iron Man 3 review, naturally

Recap of a Mother’s Day marathon of streaming activity

A family-friendly Deathmatch

And I still need to watch In Bruges. Seriously. Dude, why do I even have a Netflix disc subscription?