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I’m all atwitter

On Tuesday night, I took a break from watching election results to catch an episode of a new sitcom, Benched. It’s essentially Scrubs with lawyers in a public defenders office, which makes it so perfectly right up my partner’s alley that it’s like scientists developed it in a lab exclusively for him. I enjoy it as well, so I tweeted my gladness to the universe.

I haven’t watched a @USA_Network show since Silk Stalkings went off the air. But I definitely like #BenchedUSA

Cut to Wednesday morning. My alarm goes off. I groggily check my email on cell phone. And then I bound out of bed, exclaiming “Jay Harrington retweeted me!” In fact, no less than three members of the cast of Benched (perfunctorily) interacted with me that night. I’m fully aware how lame it is that I’m excited. This is not a big deal. It’s kind of the whole point of Twitter. But still. This is the first time I’ve really understood the appeal of this particular social media tool. Theoretically, these people I watch on the television read what I wrote about them. Assuming it’s not just a single network intern responsible for re-broadcasting anything anyone says vaguely positive about the show.

So in honor of my first kind-of-sort-of brush with celebrity on Twitter, I’m reprinting here a tidbit I wrote a long time ago about a different Jay Harrington sitcom that I found endlessly appealing:  Better Off Ted. To this day, I mourn its cancellation. You know, people always like to compare The Big Bang Theory to Community, but I really think Better Off Ted demonstrates the better direct head-to-head comparison. It’s not just nerd humor, but the exact same type of nerd humor, and executed with a good deal more panache. And you can stream it on Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Without further ado, my thoughts on Better Off Ted, circa January 2010: Continue reading