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Treehouse of Horror Roundup 26-27

Like most other Americans, I spent the last couple of days consumed with a different sort of nightmarish joke. But life and the days of November march on, and now that it’s ten days past Halloween, we need to wrap this up.

It felt good to laugh and get one last sweet taste of Halloween for the year. I even ate some candy — gummy bears — to mark the occasion. And The Simpsons managed to let me end on happy note by¬†providing two mostly solid episodes. I’m glad I took this ride with you all.

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Treehouse of Horror Roundup 17-18

Just a shorty tonight, I’m afraid. Two episodes only.¬†I needed a bit of a break from non-stop binge watching or I would wind up like Homer here.

You understand, right?

You still love me, right?

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