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Hello, Mr. King

Tomorrow night I will attend a Q&A event with Stephen King. He will perform a reading from his latest novel, Revival, and, if I’m very lucky, I will go home with a signed copy.

I’m terribly excited. In anticipation, I’ve been re-reading King’s autobiography (which is also a brilliant guide for aspiring authors), On Writing. I’ve also been thinking about my favorite movies based on his works. I’ve collected the following list. Keep in mind these are simply the titles for which I feel the greatest amount of affection, not necessarily the best examples of high-quality cinema.

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Worth pondering

Cristian Mihai, whose blog about writing I follow, recently listed his favorite movies about writers. Many of his choices seem to be films not only with a character who happens to be a writer, but movies where the writing process itself is discussed or somehow involved in the story. I found the list surprising and thought-provoking. Not because I disagreed with his selections, but mainly just because I’d never seen any of them before. Not one. And when I tried to come up with a list of my own, I realized I couldn’t. I don’t think I’ve seen enough films on the subject to even do justice to the question. Which is amazing because:

  1. I watch movies all the time, and
  2. I’m very interested in writing. Hence, reading a blog about it. Or, for that matter, writing a blog about anything.

Now it feels like a gaping hole in my “education.”

I suppose I would start with Stand By Me. I would enthusiastically recommend it for a lot of reasons, but it also prominently features the act of writing (it provides a framing device for the main plot), and it tangentially explores how a young writer grows into the role of storyteller and where writers draw inspiration.

So what else should I watch? Any other opinions about writers or writing in the movies?