PSA: Don Jon is not a comedy.

We have a Level-Orange Dramedy Alert. If you’re interested in seeing the movie advertised in the trailers and tv spots, there’s a good chance that you’ll be disappointed. If you’re wondering why it underperformed even with a heavy promotional campaign, I suspect it has at least a little to do with targeting the wrong crowd.

Classic Bait and Switch

That said, I enjoyed it immensely. And I say that as someone who actively loathes the dramedy genre. Seriously, it’s the worst. But Don Jon is more like dramedy-lite. In that at least it’s not sad. I would characterize it not as sad, but rather just serious. This is some Serious Art House Stuff. And I do indeed dig that kind of thing every once in a while. Also, to give it proper credit, there are some laugh-out-loud funny moments; it’s just that the vast majority of them are spoiled in the trailer.

It’s worth seeing. Just make sure it’s up your alley before you plunk down your hard-earned dollars.

Stunning Realization:  I have never seen a JGL movie I didn’t like. Even when he isn’t writing and directing, he picks awesome projects.  He was in not one, but two of my favorite 2012 flicks:  Looper and Premium Rush. I only recently came to this conclusion, though. So I might have to go back and explore a little more of his oeuvre.

Late Addendum:  I have been reminded both that Gordon-Levitt acted in The Dark Knight Rises and that I hated that movie. Yes. This is true, even though it’s perhaps not quite as simple as that. His performance was almost my favorite thing in that movie. I say almost because the asinine “reveal” about his character leading into the film’s denouement pretty much ruined what was otherwise one of the very few entertaining elements for me and also because, well, Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman. So I still liked him even in a project that I didn’t ultimately approve. Hmm. Do I contradict myself? Very well, then I contradict myself, I am large, I contain multitudes.


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  1. I challenge your assertion that you’ve never disliked a JGL movie by raising the specter of The Dark Knight Rises. He was in that thing more than Batman, and that thing sucked.

    • You are correct, sir! Shenanigans called out and acknowledged. I have edited the post accordingly.

      I’m not sure he actually got more screen time than Christian Bale, although that’s a funny observation. Really, though, even if that’s true, that’s kind of Nolan’s thing. Looking back at even The Dark Knight (which, for the record, I still enjoy), it ultimately seems less like a franchise specifically about Batman and more a series of movies about Gotham City in all its myriad weirdnesses. I go back and forth in my mind about whether that’s a brilliant or a foolhardy approach to the material. I respect an ambitious scope, but I also remember facetiously complaining at the time about how TDK was a Harvey Dent movie instead of a Batman movie. And if I harbor the most affection for Batman Begins out of the three, maybe it’s because it’s the most focused on our hero.

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