True Story

The office where I work has lunch catered for employees on Fridays. At the most recent Friday lunch, a boss was relating to me how much he enjoyed his experience of revisiting The Blues Brothers after many years. This led to following exchange:

Boss: And it had that actress in it. Oh, what is her name? The one with the Curl Up and Dye salon.
Holly: Carrie Fisher.
Boss: She was so good in that. That was probably her greatest role.
Holly: Nope. Incorrect.
Boss: What?
Holly: No.
Boss: Well, then what is her greatest role?
Holly: Oh, my God. Princess Leia!
Boss: Bah!
Holly: Seriously. You wait. Some day Carrie Fisher will die, and you watch. What is the lede of her obituary? Actress best known as Princess Leia dies.

That actually happened. Given that it was the Chief Operating Officer of the entire company, it probably would’ve behooved me to show some more diplomacy. But c’mon! How can you be diplomatic in the face of such egregious error?

I’ll admit that I am a Star Wars fan. But I don’t think you have to be one for this scenario. You just have to look at Carrie Fisher’s IMDb page and ask yourself out of all of her roles, which one is a pop culture icon? I don’t care what country you’re in or what language you speak, when you hold two cinnamon buns against the sides of your head, everyone in the room will catch the reference.

End of debate.


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