Still nothing to see

My newly-in-residence partner’s job required him to travel all this last week.  This provided me with my first opportunity to veg solo in front of the Roku in two months. And we all know that’s the genesis of this blog, so it definitely got me in the mood to get back in action. Nothing particularly remarkable came out of it, but it’s probably a good idea to pace myself after such a long break. Wouldn’t want to sprain something.

I did try out Crackle for the first time. People who complain about Netflix’s selection need to peruse these offerings and then get back to me. However, it is free, and I did manage to find a couple choice nuggets. Of course, as night follows day, free inevitably means commercials. But that doesn’t really bother me much given that the movies are still completely unedited and uncensored. It makes the Crackle experience feel extremely similar to watching IFC. Except instead of trying to shove Comedy Bang! Bang! at me as hard as possible, it was BMW vehicles. That strikes me as a weird ad buy. If I could actually afford a BMW, couldn’t I afford pay video content? Just a thought.

I watched Stripes for quite possibly the millionth time. I guess this was at least slightly revelatory because I have, in fact, watched it so often over the course of my entire life that I have every aspect of it memorized, and yet this was the first time it occurred to me that I’m not sure I actually like it. Granted, there are some scenes that always make me laugh. Always. But some other scenes are quite dated in some potentially troubling ways. And Bill Murray’s natural charm and charisma have to work overtime to invest us in his character. Really, John Winger might be his least likeable protagonist. *

Meanwhile, back on good old Netflix, I discovered Mike Birbiglia. That’s an awesome addition to my life. A while back my Best Girl Friend (aka “Bestie”) mentioned how much she loved his stuff. But I dragged my feet on investigating this a little because there isn’t always a lot of crossover in our media preferences. A fairly typical exchange between us will go:

Bestie: [flipping channels] Ooh… Legally Blonde! Love it! Hollis, how many times have you watched this movie?!!**
Holly: Zero.

However, we can agree about Birbiglia. I loved his My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend special. It was one of the best things that happened all week.


* I haven’t put any research into this question or really even given it much thought before throwing it out there, so please don’t hold me to this assertion. In fact, feel free to debate the point with me in the comments.

** I find it endearing how she tries her best to create interesting nicknames for me even though my name has no cute permutations.


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  1. Somehow, even *I* have seen Legally Blonde. I have not seen its genuine sequel, however. I did, on the other hand, watch a detailed video on the train wreck that is the direct-to-video third installment… I’m not sure where that lands me.

    I have also never seen Stripes. Not even once.

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