Worth pondering

Cristian Mihai, whose blog about writing I follow, recently listed his favorite movies about writers. Many of his choices seem to be films not only with a character who happens to be a writer, but movies where the writing process itself is discussed or somehow involved in the story. I found the list surprising and thought-provoking. Not because I disagreed with his selections, but mainly just because I’d never seen any of them before. Not one. And when I tried to come up with a list of my own, I realized I couldn’t. I don’t think I’ve seen enough films on the subject to even do justice to the question. Which is amazing because:

  1. I watch movies all the time, and
  2. I’m very interested in writing. Hence, reading a blog about it. Or, for that matter, writing a blog about anything.

Now it feels like a gaping hole in my “education.”

I suppose I would start with Stand By Me. I would enthusiastically recommend it for a lot of reasons, but it also prominently features the act of writing (it provides a framing device for the main plot), and it tangentially explores how a young writer grows into the role of storyteller and where writers draw inspiration.

So what else should I watch? Any other opinions about writers or writing in the movies?


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