Deathmatch: Horror Comedies

Warm Bodies vs. John Dies at the End!

Images from

Images from

This deathmatch comes to us from last February. I saw Warm Bodies at the theater, and I streamed John  through Amazon, as part of some sort of deal where slightly more obscure theatrical releases are available concurrently online. John is now already available for normal streaming through Amazon Instant Video and VUDU, but Warm Bodies won’t be released until early June.

Warm Bodies is officially the only zombie movie anyone will ever (accurately) label as “too saccharine.” But I liked it in spite of that. In the pantheon of zombie comedies, it takes a third to (obviously) Shaun of the Dead and even Zombieland, but it was the clear victor in this deathmatch. I was surprised how much I really enjoyed the competition this time, though.

Before I even cued up the opponents, John already had one point in its favor because it’s based on a book written by a gentleman who also wrote this article and this article, which are among my favorite things from the Internet. While I’m at it, I might as well recommend his entire Cracked article oeuvre.

As for the movie itself, John is really inventive and exciting, but also kind of rough. I’d almost say that I’d want to see a version of the same movie with the same actors only made through a big studio, just so that someone would’ve sanded down the edges a bit, but I’d be afraid the weird little bubble would burst and the whole thing would be ruined. As it is, I did belly laugh at least three times, but I’m not sure if it’s because what I was seeing was actually funny or because I was so startled. It feels more like a strange, strange little television pilot than a movie, but damn, I would watch that show.


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