Introduction to My Annual Movie Lists

Why do I track what movies I watch each year?

I’ve been doing this since 2003. I honestly can’t remember why I started. Probably because I saw someone else doing it online and just picked it up on a whim. A decade later, and I’m still at it.

I think initially all I got out of it was bragging rights. I can prove I see more movies than anyone else I know, or something stupid like that. I once had the goal to someday see a grand total of 52 movies in a calendar year, an average of one per week. I’ve never made it. The closest I’ve ever come was 2006, when I made it as high as 41 titles. I no longer believe 52 is realistically attainable for me. My lifestyle has changed, tickets prices rose dramatically, and I’ve gotten a lot fussier and harder to please. On the other hand, even in 2009 when I was working and in grad school at the same time (meaning I barely slept and sometimes forgot to feed myself), I still managed to work in 14 flicks.

Anyway, the number isn’t important to me anymore. I’m more focused now on percentages. How many did I actually enjoy? Am I spending my discretionary income wisely?

Looking back at the practice, I’m glad I’ve kept it going. It gives me a record of my personal history seen through the lens of my favorite pastime. I look at early lists and can tell by the titles on it that I was still living near my Best Guy Friend. I can see the difference between what films I saw before and after meeting my romantic partner and before and after I moved from Kansas City to Washington, DC. I can remember all the times I paid good money to see a cruddy movie out of filial duty (meaning I took my mom to see a chick flick just to make her happy). It’s lovely in its way.

And now I’ve even expanded. Beginning last year, I branched out from tracking just what new-new films I see in a theater to also tracking the new-to-me films I watch at home. I’m loving it.

Why am I posting the lists here and now?

I think it’s a great way to introduce myself as the new kid on the block. If we are what we like, then this will definitely give you some keen insights into what you’re getting into if you decide to follow this blog. Also, it’s good filler. It will give me a head start on generating content.


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